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infoSAT is the electronic repository of reprints collected and preserved through the project SATCRIS (Semi-Arid Tropical Crops Information Service). SATCRIS is the successor of SMIC (Sorghum and Millets Information Center)-- a project initiated in the year 1977 with funding assistance from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC). Approximately, more than 25,000 reprints have been collected by the project team and they are preserved at the ICRISAT head-quarters library. They primarily hold research literature about five crops mandated to ICRISAT and other aspects of research associated with. infoSAT aims to maximize the utility of the literature by digitizing all the collections and make them accessible to all researchers affiliated with ICRISAT. While the full-text access to documents in the repository is restricted to ICRISAT researchers/partners, the access to metatdata is open to all possible would be users. This service will remain not-for-profit.

ICRISAT scientists may get the access credentials by contacting LIS

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