Photoperiod and temperature effects on tropically- and temperately-adapted sorghum

Gerik, T.J. and Miller, F.R. (1984) Photoperiod and temperature effects on tropically- and temperately-adapted sorghum. Field Crops Research, 9 (1). pp. 29-40.

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Grain yields of tropically-adapted (TA) sorghum hybrids far exceed those obtained with temperately-adapted (TE) sorghum in S. Texas and other more tropical areas. Plants were grown in temp. controlled greenhouses at 30/20 and 35/25°C (day/night). 3 sowing dates were used to attain different photoperiod regimes. Generally, the TA hybrid ATx623 X RTx430 maintained more green leaves compared with the TE hybrid ATx X RTx415. Both TA and TE hybrids senesced the same number of leaves regardless of temp. Differences in leaf area at physiological maturity between TA and TE hybrids were more related to leaf number/plant and leaf blade area than the number of leaves senesced. Phenology and LAD varied with sowing date, temp. and hybrid. The duration of vegetative development (GS1) was greater for TA hybrids when grown under short daylengths and low temp. At high temp., GS1 was similar for TA and TE hybrids under the short daylengths of sowing date 3, but differed among hybrids when grown under the longer daylengths of sowing dates 1 and 2. Under short daylengths the hybrids derived from TA parents produced more leaves and greater leaf area only at high temp. Under the long daylength (sowing date 2), TA hybrids produced more leaves and greater leaf area than the TE hybrid, irrespective of temp. These findings suggest that sorghum hybrids converted for USA adaptation still exhibit some degree of photoperiodic sensitivity regarding phenological development and plant growth, but the TA hybrids have the ability to alter their phenological development and plant growth to maximize their leaf area under a wider range of environmental conditions

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