Observations on Hilda patruelis Stal. (Homoptera: Tettigometridae) and its infestation of the groundnut crop in Rhodesia

Weaving, A.J.S. (1980) Observations on Hilda patruelis Stal. (Homoptera: Tettigometridae) and its infestation of the groundnut crop in Rhodesia. Journal of the Entomological Society of Southern Africa, 43 (1). pp. 151-167.

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Infestation by Hilda patruelis (Stal) periodically damages groundnut crops in Zimbabwe and is usually discovered too late for the successful application of control measures. Observations on crop infestation and the appearance of damage symptoms are discussed. A relation between reported infestation and droughts is indicated. Laboratory and field observations on the biology of the tettigometrid are reported. One generation was completed in 37 days at 23 deg C; there were 5 nymphal instars, and all stages were gregarious. Breeding occurred continuously on subterranean and aerial parts of numerous species of food-plants. There were indications of a dispersal flight at the end of the dry season and when food-plants became unsuitable through senescence, disease or water stress. The encyrtid Psyllechthrus oophagus Ghesq. (the only known parasite of H. patruelis in Zimbabwe) was active throughout the year and appeared to parasitise eggs on both subterranean and aerial sites. No common or specific predators were recorded, but adults of the coccinellid Hyperaspis were observed feeding on the eggs of Hilda patruelis. Ants, including Pheidole megacephala (F.), Crematogaster castanea F. Sm. and Camponotus sp., were invariably in attendance and are probably essential for the maintenance of root-zone infestations. An annual cycle for H. patruelis is suggested

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