Stability Parameters for Comparing Varieties

Eberhart, S.A. and Russell, W.A. (1966) Stability Parameters for Comparing Varieties. Crop Science, 6 (1). pp. 36-40.

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The model, Yij = μ1 + β1Ij + δij, defines stability parameters that may be used to describe the performance of a variety over a series of environments. Yij is the variety mean of the ith variety at the jth environment, µ1 is the ith variety mean over all environments, β1 is the regression coefficient that measures the response of the ith variety to varying environments, δij is the deviation from regression of the ith variety at the jth environment, and Ij is the environmental index. The data from two single-cross diallels and a set of 3-way crosses were examined to see whether genetic differences could be detected. Genetic differences among lines were indicated for the regression of the lines on the environmental index with no evidence of nonadditive gene action. The estimates of the squared deviations from regression for many hybrids were near zero, whereas extremely large estimates were obtained for other hybrids.

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