Biplot analysis of test sites and trait relations of soybean in Ontario

Yang, W. and Rajcan, I. (2002) Biplot analysis of test sites and trait relations of soybean in Ontario. Crop Science, 42 (1). pp. 11-20.

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Superior crop cultivars must be identified through multi-environment trials (MET) and on the basis of multiple traits. The objectives of this paper were to describe two types of biplots, the GGE biplot and the GT biplot, which graphically display genotype by environment data and genotype by trait data, respectively, and hence facilitate cultivar evaluation on the basis of MET data and multiple traits. Genotype main effect plus genotype by environment interaction effect (GGE) biplot analysis of the soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.] yield data for the 2800 crop heat unit area of Ontario for MET in the period 1994–1999 revealed yearly crossover genotype by site interactions. The eastern Ontario site Winchester showed a different genotype response pattern from the three southwestern Ontario sites in four of the six years. The interactions were not large enough to divide the area into different mega-environments as when analyzed over years, a single cultivar yielded the best in all four sites. The southwestern site, St. Pauls, was found to always group together with at least one of the other three sites; it did not provide unique information on genotype performance. Therefore, in future cultivar evaluations, Winchester should always be used but St. Pauls can be dismissed. Applying GT biplot to the 1994–1999 multiple trait data illustrated that GT biplots graphically displayed the interrelationships among seed yield, oil content, protein content, plant height, and days to maturity, among other traits, and facilitated visual cultivar comparisons and selection. It was found that selection for seed yield alone was not only the simplest, but also the most effective strategy in the early stages of soybean breeding

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