Inheritance of resistance to Fusarium wilt in some pigeonpea crosses under field conditions

Kumar, C.V.S. and Varma, P.K. and Suresh, M. and Sreelakshmi, Ch. (2009) Inheritance of resistance to Fusarium wilt in some pigeonpea crosses under field conditions. Legume Research, 32 (3). pp. 186-190.

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Four susceptible pigeonpea lines viz: PRG-100, PRG-88, LRG-30 and ICPL-85063 and two resistant lines ICP-8863 and ICPL-87119 were selected for crossing to study the inheritance pattern of resistance to Fusarium wilt. Out of the 8 cross combinations possible five crosses viz: PRG-100x ICP-8863, PRG-88 x ICP-8863, LRG-30 x ICP-8863, ICPL-85063 x ICP-8863 and PRG-100 x ICPL-87119 were selected wherein sufficient population was there to interpret results based on 2 test. The progeny (F1’s) from these crosses were also resistant like their resistant parents. The F2 population of PRG-100x ICP-8863, LRG-30 x ICP-8863 and ICPL-85063 x ICP- 8863 segregated in a phenotypic ratio of 13R: 3S in all the crosses. When back crossed to resistant parent ICP-8863, the population segregated in 3R:1S phenotypic ratio; and when back crossed to the susceptible parent it segregated into 1R:1S phenotypic ratio. For the crosses PRG-88x ICP-8863 and PRG-100 x ICPL-87119, the F2 population segregated in 9R:7S ratio. The back crosses population (B1) to the resistant parent of both crosses segregated in phenotypic ratio of 3R:1S; and to the susceptible parent segregated in a ratio of 1R:1S. Inheritance studies on Fusarium wilt resistance affirmed the dominance of resistance to susceptibility and the role of two gene interactions viz: inhibitory (13:3) and complementary (9:7) type.

Item Type: Article
Author Affiliation: Agricultural Research Station, Tandur-501 141, India
Subjects: Crop Improvement
Divisions: Pigeonpea
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Date Deposited: 20 Dec 2010 22:22
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