Chemical composition of some wild peanut species (Arachis L.) seeds

Grosso, N.R. and Nepote, V. and Guzmán, C.A. (2000) Chemical composition of some wild peanut species (Arachis L.) seeds. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 48 (3). pp. 806-809.

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Oil, protein, ash, and carbohydrate contents, iodine value, and fatty acid and sterol compositions were studied in seeds of Arachis trinitensis, A. chiquitana, A. kempff-mercadoi, A. diogoi, A. benensis, A. appressipila, A. valida, A. kretschmeri, A. helodes, A. kuhlmannii, A. williamsii, A. sylvestris, A. matiensis, A. pintoi, A. hoehnei, A. villosa, and A. stenosperma. Oil content was greatest in A. stenosperma (mean value = 51.8%). The protein level was higher in A. sylvestris (30.1%) and A. villosa (29.5%). Mean value of oleic acid varied between 30.6% (A. matiensis) and 46.8% (Arachis villosa), and linoleic acid oscillated between 34.1% (A. villosa) and 47.4% (A. appressipila). The better oleic-to-linoleic (O/L) ratio was exhibited by A. villosa (1.38). Some species showed higher concentration of behenic acid. The greatest level of this fatty acid was found in A. matiensis (6.2%). Iodine value was lower in A. valida (99.2). The sterol composition in the different groundnut species showed higher concentration of β-sitosterol (mean values oscillated between 55.7 and 60.2%) followed by campesterol (12.4-16.5%), stigmasterol (9.7-13.3%), and Δ5-avenasterol (9.7-13.4%). The chemical quality and stability of oils (iodine value and O/L ratio) from wild groundnut studied in this work are not better than those of cultivated groundnut

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