Exotic germ plasm of Arachis L. interspecific hybrids

Gregory, M.P and Gregory, W.C. (1979) Exotic germ plasm of Arachis L. interspecific hybrids. Journal of Heredity, 70 (3). pp. 185-193.

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During the last 40 years, 91 accessions from north-eastern South America representing species from all seven sections of the genus have been used to make 1075 crosses, including interspecific crosses between all sections. Of the 296 compatible combinations found, 126 were interspecific hybridizations. A. hypogaea was successfully crossed with eight other species from the section Arachis. The fertility of intrasectional hybrids, determined by pollen stainability, was found to be 30.2% for Arachis, 12.9% for Erectoides, 68.1% for Rhizomatosae, 86.8% for Caulorhizae, 0.2% for Extranervosae, 59.5% for Triseminalae and 20.6% for Ambinervosae. The overall fertility of intersectional hybrids was 1.9%. Information on the geographical distribution of sections and presumed paleobotanical history was used with the results to elaborate a tentative theory of the evolution and migration of the genus. The data support the concept of three old sections, Extranervosae, Erectoides and Rhizomatosae, which are centrally located and surrounded by the four newer sections

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