Pedigree analysis of peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) cultivars released in Taiwan

Tien, J.Y. and Tsai, C.L. and Chang, T.W. and et al, . (1996) Pedigree analysis of peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) cultivars released in Taiwan. SABRAO Journal , 28 (2). pp. 35-48.

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Pedigree analysis was performed on 21 cultivars released in Taiwan. The relative genetic contribution (RGC) from ancestral cultivars or lines and coefficient of parentage (r) for all pairs of cultivars were computed. From the pedigree analysis, 13 ancestors were identified. Peikang White Oil Bean, the Taiwan landrace, contributed a major portion (34.6%) of the genetic base in these cultivars. On the other hand, four ancestors, Peikang White Oil Bean, Spanish White, Tainan Selection 9 and Java 12, together contributed 65.2% of the total genetic base. The average r value between cultivars or lines was 0.053. Specifically, the r value between Tainan 12 and Tainan 11 was 0.035, while the r value between Tainung 6 and Tainan 12 was 0.018. Using cluster analysis on the r matrix, the 45 ancestral cultivars or lines were stratified into four clusters. Cultivars or lines contained in the first and third clusters were all found in the pedigrees of all cultivars released from the Tainan District Agricultural Improvement Station. The second cluster included 8 cultivars or lines among which were Tainung 4, 5 and 6. The fourth cluster contained 12 cultivars or lines which were all related to Florispan Runner or Florigiant. The rest of the cultivars not included in the four clusters, including Tainan White Oil Bean 2 and 5 and Tainung 1, were all developed by pure line selection within landraces and older cultivars. In the future, the genetic base of Taiwan cultivars can be broadened by using crosses between genotypes with little relationship

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