Influence of root-zone inhabiting Bacteria on growth of plants and Soil-borne fungal pathogens

Alstrom, S (1987) Influence of root-zone inhabiting Bacteria on growth of plants and Soil-borne fungal pathogens. PhD thesis, Swadesh University of Agricultural Sciences.

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Bacterial strains isolated from the rhizosphere arid rhizoplrme of wild and cultivated plants, many of which identified as pseudomonads or enterobacteria, were screened for their effects on growth of several plant species and four fungal pathogens in greenhouse and laboratory tests respectively. Up to 18 % of about 450 tested strains affected fungal growth markedly and up to 5 %, tested on plants simulated growth, while plant growth inhibitory strains were three to four times more prevalent. Effects on fungal growth ranged from significant stimulation to complete inhibition and were dependent on the bacterium-fungus combination, the nutrient level and the kind of culture medium used. Some strains exhibited a antagonism against several fungi, whilst others suppressed growth of specific ones. Plant effects, ranging from death of plants shortly after inoculations to significant increases in shoot growth (up to 44 941 in green-house trials and up to 22 %I field trials), were dependent on the bacterial strain and plant species tested, the test method, and the growing conditions. Here again, some strains showed a wide host range as regards their effects on different plant species, whilst others showed species-specificity. ...

Item Type: Thesis (PhD)
Author Affiliation: Swadesh University of Agricultural Sciences
Subjects: Plant Protection
Soil Science and Microbiology
Divisions: General
Depositing User: Mr. SanatKumar Behera
Date Deposited: 18 Sep 2013 05:15
Last Modified: 18 Sep 2013 05:15

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