Analysis of crop loss in the multiple pathosystem groundnut-rust-late leaf spot. I. Six experiments

Savary, S. and Zadoks, J.C. (1992) Analysis of crop loss in the multiple pathosystem groundnut-rust-late leaf spot. I. Six experiments. Crop Protection, 11 (2). pp. 99-109.

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A series of 6 experiments was conducted to study the relationships between production situation, injuries and damage in the groundnut-Puccinia arachidis-Cercosporidium personatum [Mycosphaerella berkeleyi] pathosystem. The production situation, represented by attainable yields, was varied by replicating the experiments over seasons and incorporating several input factors (water control, weed control and fertilizer input) at different levels. Injuries, represented by log-transformed areas under disease progress curves, were manipulated by means of inoculations and chlorothalonil applications. The resulting database was used to develop damage functions, represented by yield and relative damage response surfaces, using multiple regression analysis. The corresponding equations indicate significant interactions between attainable yield and injuries on actual yield and relative damage. Further analysis indicated that injury damage relations differ with P. arachidis and M. berkeleyi: whereas damage due to the latter was mainly related to reduction of green leaf area and defoliation, damage due to P. arachidis was attributable to other mechanisms in addition to reduction of green leaf area. The negative interaction between the injurious effects of the 2 pathogens was ascribed to this difference

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