Component analysis of complex characters in plant breeding

Sparnaaij, L.D. and Bos , I. (1993) Component analysis of complex characters in plant breeding. Euphytica , 70 (3). pp. 225-235.

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A method is described by which the contribution of individual components to the variation of a complex character is quantified. The method is adapted for use in plant breeding from the sequential component analysis, developed for agronomic experiments by Eaton & Kyte (1978). It applies to a situation in which the complex character y is the product of n components (x1,...xn). The components are ratios of observed primary characters, introduced in a logical sequence. The proposed method differs from that of Eaton & Kyte in that: (1) the data are not log-transformed, and (2) the complementary determinations of y by its components are obtained directly from differences between the coefficients of determination of y by the successive primary characters rather than from a stepwise multiple regression of ln y on its log-transformed components. A comparison of the two methods suggests that the differences in results are caused mainly by the logtransformation which Eaton & Kyte apply to transform the relationship between y and its components into a linear one. The proposed alternative procedure avoids the transformation of the data; the multiplicative relationship between y and its components is retained and so is the assumed additive inheritance of the components. These two features of component analysis allow an active exploitation of specific combining ability based on recombinative heterosis

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Uncontrolled Keywords: chrysanthemum, coefficient of determination, complex characters, Dendranthema grandiflora, plant breeding methods, recombinative heterosis, sequential component analysis
Author Affiliation: Centre for Plant Breeding and Reproduction Research, Wageningen, The Netherlands
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