Cereal technology development - West African semi-arid tropics: a farming systems perspective

IE&R, - and IPIA, - (1986) Cereal technology development - West African semi-arid tropics: a farming systems perspective. Project Report. PurdueUniversity, West Lafayette, Indiana.

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Whole -farmmodeling was critical in identifying the potential effect of new technologies and in evaluating the seasonal labor bottleneck. As on-farm trials produce more technologies that pass the yield and profit criteria, whole farm modeling analysis will become increasingly important to identify theinteractions of technology components and estimate their potential impact at the farm level. A major contribution of the Purdue farming systems research project was not the identification of the individual constraints but rather a study of their interconnected nature. It is necessary for farmingsystems research projects to concentrate on the well-known synergistic nature of agricultural inputs and not be satisfied with minimum cost input changes, which also have minimal effect on yields or profits. The seasonal labor constraint has been stressed as the principal barrier to agriculturaldevelopment in the WASAT and in other semi-arid areas in Africa. However, a more agronomic orientation to the analysis of the water requirement and soil fertility problems was necessary. The combined effect of improved water retention, increases in soil fertility, and overcoming the seasonal laborbottleneck with the mechanical tied ridger had a substantial impact on farm income. Since the combined effects are much larger than the individual effects, it is unfortunate that farmers tend to adopt one input at a time. Governmental support of the combined practices appears to be necessary tofacilitate their combined introduction

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