Pasture legumes and grasses : a guide to the identification and use of selected species for pasture improvement

., . (1975) Pasture legumes and grasses : a guide to the identification and use of selected species for pasture improvement. Bank of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. ISBN 0909719152

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Sowing of selected legumes and grasses has greatly increased the productivity of large areas of pasture lands throughout Australia. Yet enormous scope still exists for extension of sowings, particularly in the north. This booklet is published by the Bank to foster understanding of the great benefit which may accruc from pasture improvement. The basic principles of pasture establishment and maintenance are explained, and a guide is provided to the identification and characteristics of the most widely used legumes and grasses. A simplified botanical description and a brief out-line of environment requirement, habit of growth, and normal usage are given for each species. Although it is not possible to give the same amount of detail for each species, an attempt has been made to mention the most important characteristics and requirements. To obtain more detailed information and recommendations, the reader is referred to the State Department of Agriculture and other bodies engaged in agricultural research and extension. The booklet was first prepared by the Economic Department of the Bank of New South Wales in 1961 from information collected with the help of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, government departments in all States, the universities, and seed merchants. Many of the illustrations were based on drawings by Mr C.A.Gardner, a former Government Botanist of Western Australia. A revised edition of the booklet was published in 1965 to bring the information up to date and to include twelve new species. Six species described in the first edition were omitted because of their declining importance. The present edition continues the practice of updating information and replacing species as new technology is introduced. A futher eleven species and a number of new cultivars of established species are incorporated on this occasion. Two species, birdwood grass and giant panic, have been omitted. The changes emphasize the growing importance of legumes for improving pastures in sub-tropical climates. The continuing advice and assistance provided by many individuals and association in the revision of textual material and illustrations is gratefully acknowledged by the Bank

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