Anther culture of recalcitrant indica x basmati rice hybrids: anther culture of indica rice hybrids

Bishnoi, U. and Jain, R.K. and Rohilla, J.S. and Chowdhury, V.K. and Gupta, K.R. and Chowdhury, J.B. (2000) Anther culture of recalcitrant indica x basmati rice hybrids: anther culture of indica rice hybrids. Euphytica, 114 (2). pp. 93-101.

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Fertile, green, di-haploid plants were obtained at high frequencies from several indica � Basmati rice F1 hybrids and/or F2 plant populations using an improved anther culture procedure. Anthers from cold-pretreated (10 �C for 10 d) panicles of six indica (HKR120, HKR86-3, HKR86-217, PR106, Gobind and CH2 double dwarf) and two Basmati rice (Basmati 370, Taraori Basmati) varieties and 14 heterotic indica � Basmati F1/F2 hybrids were cultured in modified agarose-solidified N6M, Heh5M and RZM media. Best callus induction frequencies (2.6– 78%) were obtained in RZM medium containing 4% (w/v) maltose, 2,4-D, NAA and kinetin. F2 plants compared to F1 hybrids and parental rice varieties, were more responsive to anther culture. Androgenesis frequencies of 31–78% were obtained for indica � Basmati F2 plants in RZM medium in just 30 d which are comparable to or higher than that reported for japonica rice varieties and hybrids involving japonica rice parent(s). Agarose (1.0% w/v)-solidified MS medium containing 3.0% maltose, kinetin, BAP, and NAA, induced green shoot regeneration in 0–51% of the anther-derived calli depending upon the genotype. High plant regeneration frequencies (67–337 green plants per 1,000 anthers) were obtained from anther calli of several F1hybrids (Gobind � Basmati 370 and HKR120 � Taraori Basmati) and F2 plants (Gobind � Basmati 370, Gobind � Taraori Basmati, HKR86-3 � Taraori Basmati). A sample of 498 plants obtained from the above hybrids, were transferred to pots with >90% survival; 8–78% of these plants had >5% spikelet fertility and were diploid. In addition, 18% of the haploid plants could be diploidized by submerging in 0.1% colchicine solution for 16–18 h. The improved anther culture procedure reported here, resulted in several fold increase in the recovery of green plants from recalcitrant indica � Basmati rice hybrids compared to previous published procedures. The study may accelerate the introgression of desirable genes from indica into Basmati rice using anther culture as a breeding tool.

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Author Affiliation: Department of Biotechnology and Molecular Biology, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar, India
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