Osmotic adjustment and solute accumulation in two wheat genotypes differing in drought resistance

Johnson, R.C. and Nguyen, H.T. and Croy, L.I. (1984) Osmotic adjustment and solute accumulation in two wheat genotypes differing in drought resistance. Crop Science, 24 (5). pp. 957-962.

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Field observations have indicated that cultivar TAM W101 is relatively drought resistant compared with cultivar Sturdy. In a growth chamber experiment, TAM W101 and Sturdy were grown in sand culture for 28 days at 20°C with 16 h light per day. Stress treatments were then imposed by limiting water in pots for 14 days, after which water relations were determined with pressure-volume curves on leaves of stressed plants following overnight hydration (prestressed), and on hydrated unstressed plant leaves. Prestressed leaves of both cultivars had significantly lower solute potential at full turgor (ψsf) and zero turgor (ψs0) than unstressed leaves, indicating osmotic adjustment. But prestressed TAM W101 apparently adjusted more, with significantly lower values for ψsf (-1.61 MPa) and ψs0 (-2.44 MPa) compared with prestressed Sturdy (-1.40 and -1.98 MPa, respectively). However, the relative reduction of dry matter produced in prestressed TAM W101 plants did not differ from that in prestressed Sturdy plants. Water use efficiency (WUE, mg total dry matter/g H2O lost per pot) was significantly lower in TAM W101 (2.27) than in Sturdy (2.55) and in prestressed (1.81) than unstressed (2.40) leaves. Tissue elasticity was also lower in TAM W101 than Sturdy and lower in prestressed than unstressed leaves. Of the solutes measured, only amino acids, including proline, were greater in prestressed TAM W101 than Sturdy leaves. Amino acid concentrations were too low to explain the difference in ψsf between prestressed cultivars

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