Screening of pigeonpea genotypes for waterlogging tolerance

Yohan, Y. and Umamahesh, V. and Sudhakar, P. and Reddiramu, Y. and Reddy, B.R. (2017) Screening of pigeonpea genotypes for waterlogging tolerance. International Journal of Pure and Applied Bioscience, 5 (4). pp. 1876-1882.

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Seventeen diverse pigeonpea accessions were evaluated for seed level water submergence tolerance under different time periods viz., 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours, 96 hours and 144 hours. All genotypes exhibited good germination percentage up to 48 hours of submergence (43 to 100 %). A few genotypes (LRG 30, MRG 66 and ICPL 85063) showed higher germination percentage and seedling vigour index even after 144 hours of submergence. No germination was observed in ICPL 8863(Maruti), LRG 41, PRG-158, WRG 53, WRG 27, WRG 65, TRG 33 and UPAS 120 after 144 hours of submergence. Electrical conductivity (E.C) as a measure of cellular membrane stability of seeds after submergence was calculated. There was a only a slight change observed in E.C after 48 hours of submergence in majority of the genotypes .A greater change in E.C was observed after 96 and 144 hours of submergence. Based on the changes in E.C the genotypes were grouped in to high E.C (PRG 176, PRG 100 and TRG 33), moderate E.C (ICPL 85063, ICPL 332, UPAS 120, PRG 158, ICPL 8863, LRG 41, ICPL 87119, TRG 38, LRG 30 and MRG 66) and low E.C (WRG 27, WRG 65 and WRG 53) genotypes. There was a significant negative correlation observed between seedling vigour index and E.C values at 96 hours after submergence. Those genotypes performed better at seed level submergence with less E.C values were proved to have high seedling viguor index and tolerance to waterlogging stress. E.C values could be used as a surrogate for screening of genotypes for waterlogging tolerance.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Genotypes, Genotypes, Germination, Seed.
Author Affiliation: Department of Crop Physiology, S.V. Agricultural College, Tirupati, Chittoor, A.P.
Subjects: Crop Improvement
Divisions: Pigeonpea
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Date Deposited: 22 Mar 2018 04:02
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