Interspecific hybridization in Cicer

Pundir, R.P.S. and Mengesha, M.H. and Reddy, G.V. (1992) Interspecific hybridization in Cicer. International Chickpea Newsletter, 26. pp. 6-8.

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The chickpea (C. arietinum) lines ICC11879, of Turkish origin, and GR4, developed at ICRISAT, were crossed with C. echinospermum (No. 204) in both directions and the seeds of crosses and parent were sown together. F1 plants were identified on the basis of marker traits and growth habit and F1 plants obtained from the two crosses were almost identical. Some 13 true F1 plants were obtained from the cross ICC11879 X 204 and 5 F1 plants from the cross GR4 X 204. Only one hybrid was obtained from 204 X ICC11879, the seed of which failed to germinate. F1 plants grew normally and pollen fertility was 95% for the parental species and 53.8 and 51.8% for the two F1 progenies. A considerable reduction in pod-set percentage was found in F1 plants compared to 204 and ICC11879

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