Effect of phytase on zinc absorption from a millet-based porridge fed to young Burkinabe children

Brnić, M. and Hurrell, R.F. and Songré-Ouattara, L.T. and B Diawara, B. and etl, . (2016) Effect of phytase on zinc absorption from a millet-based porridge fed to young Burkinabe children. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 71 (1-5). pp. 137-141.

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BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES: Fortifying cereal staples with zinc is a strategy for increasing zinc intake in young children in developing countries. However, phytic acid (PA) naturally present in cereals strongly decreases zinc absorption. A stable-isotope zinc absorption study was conducted in young children to investigate the ability of the PA-degrading enzyme phytase to improve zinc absorption, when added to a cereal porridge immediately before consumption. SUBJECTS/METHODS: Fractional absorption of zinc (FAZ) was estimated in 35 young healthy Burkinabe children using the doubleisotopic tracer ratio method with 67Zn as oral tracer and 70Zn as intravenous tracer, in a crossover design. The test meals were: (a) a millet-based porridge containing 1.4 mg total zinc (native plus 1 mg added as ZnSO4) with a PA:Zn molar ratio of 7.7; (b) the same porridge with the enzyme phytase (20.5 phytase units (FTU)) added immediately before consumption. The exchangeable zinc pool (EZP) was determined as a potential measure of long-term zinc intake in 20 of the 35 children and compared with FAZ. RESULTS: Mean FAZ increased from 9.5 ± 3.4 to 16.0 ± 5.1% (Po0.0001), when phytase was added to the meal. The mean EZP was 3.6 ± 0.5 mg/kg. There was no correlation between the EZP and FAZ values for either of the two test meals. CONCLUSIONS: Adding phytase immediately prior to consumption of a zinc-fortified cereal-based complementary food can improve zinc absorption in young children.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Fortifying cereal staples, millet-based porridge
Author Affiliation: Department of Health Sciences and Technology, ETH Zurich, Institute of Food, Nutrition and Health, Laboratory of Human Nutrition, Zurich, Switzerland
Subjects: Postharvest Management > Food Technology
Divisions: Millet
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Date Deposited: 29 Oct 2018 05:38
Last Modified: 29 Oct 2018 05:38
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