Development and validation of a PCR-based functional marker system for the major wide-compatible gene locus S5 in rice

SundaraM, R.M. and Sakthivel, K. and ariprasad, A.S. and H Ramesha, M.S. and Viraktamath, B.C. and Neeraja, C.N. and Balachandran, S.M. and Rani, N.S. and Revathi, P. and Sandhya, P. and Hari, Y. (2010) Development and validation of a PCR-based functional marker system for the major wide-compatible gene locus S5 in rice. Molecular Breeding, 26 (4). pp. 719-727.

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The major wide-compatibility gene locus S5 in rice (Oryza sativa L.) located on chromosome 6 has been recently cloned and a 136-bp deletion in the candidate gene encoding aspartyl protease has been characterized to be specific for wide-compatible varieties, while many single nucleotide polymorphisms have been identified at S5 between indica and japonica rice types. In the present study, we designed a PCR-based multiplex functional marker system targeting the deletion and the SNPs for precise determination of the allelic status at S5. By deploying the marker system, the allelic status at the S5 locus in 584 rice genotypes has been assayed. A total of 116 genotypes, including 11 cultivars, two known wide-compatible varieties, 48 IRRI germplasm lines, 12 Indian aromatic rice genotypes, 37 restorer lines and six breeding lines, have been identified to possess the 136-bp deletion specific for the neutral allele at S5. The marker system was able to clearly distinguish indica and japonica alleles from the neutral allele and has been validated in a mapping population derived from the three-way cross IR36/Dular//Akihikari, which segregated for spikelet sterility/fertility. The functional marker system targeting S5 developed in the present study will be very useful in rapid identification of wide-compatible genotypes, in predicting the success of inter-subspecific crosses and in targeted introgression of the wide-compatible allele of S5 into elite indica and japonica rice varieties

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