Relationship between heterosis and genetic divergence in 'Tongil'-type rice

Kwon, S.J. and Ha, W.G. and Hwang, H.G. and Yang, S.J. and Choi, H.C. and Moon, H.P. and Ahn, S.N. (2002) Relationship between heterosis and genetic divergence in 'Tongil'-type rice. Plant Breeding , 121 (6). pp. 487-492.

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Improving grain yield and quality of 'Tongil'-type rice (indica/japonica) continues to be a major breeding objective in Korea. In this study, genetic divergence among 13 'Tongil'-type rice cultivars was evaluated and the relationship between genetic distance and hybrid performance in all possible nonreciprocal crosses between them assessed. The 78 F1 hybrids together with the 13 parents were evaluated for eight traits of agronomic importance, including yield, in a replicated field trial. The 13 parents were examined for DNA polymorphism using 71 microsatellite or simple sequence repeats and 46 random decamer oligonucleotide primers. A total of 319 polymorphic variants were generated and, based on the polymorphism data, genetic distances (GDs) ranged from 0.021 to 0.437. Cluster analysis based on GDs revealed associations among cultivars which was in agreement with the pedigree data. Heterosis was observed in hybrids for most of the traits, and yield exhibited the highest heterosis among the eight traits examined. The correlation values of GDs with F1 performance were mostly non-significant, except for yield, culm length and spikelets per panicle. The correlations of GDs with midparent and better-parent heterosis were not significant enough to be of predictive value. These results indicate that GDs based on the microsatellite and random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers may not be useful for predicting heterotic combinations in 'Tongil'-type rice and support the idea that the level of correlation between hybrid performance and genetic divergence is dependent on the germplasm used

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Author Affiliation: Rice Genetics and Breeding Division, National Crop Experiment Station, Rural Development Administration (RDA), Suwon 441-100, Korea Republic
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