Gene pool classification of common bean landraces from Chile based on RAPD and morphological data

Johns, M.A. and Skroch, P.W. and Nienhuis, J. and Hinrichsen, P. and Bascur, G. (1997) Gene pool classification of common bean landraces from Chile based on RAPD and morphological data. Crop Science, 37 (2). pp. 605-613.

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Landraces of commonb ean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) from Chile are a phenotypically diverse group whose relationship to the two major gene pools (Andeana nd Mesoamericani)s unclear. The genetic composition of 69 Chileanl andraces, 15 commerciaclu itivars growni n Chile, and 11 previously characterized check accessions was examined using RAPDs (random amplified polymorphic DNA). The 25 primers used generated 106 polymorphic bands. A genetic distance (GD) matrix based on simple matching of RAPD phenotypes was converted to a two dimensional plot using multidimensional scaling (MDS). Two major clusters, encompassing most of the accessions, were apparent on the resulting plot and were identified with the Andean and the Mesoamericagne ne pools. No obvious signs of introgression or hybridization between gene pools were observed. Clustering analysis using bootstrap samples of the RAPD bands showed that as few as 20 randomlyc hosen bands could classify the accessions into the correct gene pools nearly as well as all 106 bands. In general, the Andean landraces were collected at more northerly latitudes and higher altitudes than the Mesoamerican landraces. Morphological data were collected for 63 landraces for seven numerical traits and 13 categorical traits. The morphological data used were to create a distance matrix and analyzed as with the RAPDd ata, but no clear separation of the groups was seen. Accessions from the two groups identified by RAPDs differed significantly for 11 of the 20 traits examined. It was concluded that by RAPDst, he Chilean landraces could be readily classified into the Andeana nd Mesoamericang ene pools. Morphological traits were less effective at classification.

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