Problems related to seed production in the African region

Lanteri, S. and Quagliotti, L. (1997) Problems related to seed production in the African region. Euphytica, 96 (1). 173-183 .

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Improved seeds can make a substantial contribution to agricultural productivity in African countries. Seeds are one of the most important sources of innovation, particularly in resource-constrained small farm environments. They carry the genetic potential of the crops, determining the upper limit on yield and, therefore, the ultimate productivity of other inputs. Furthermore, new roles for seeds are rapidly recognized all over the world for the delivery systems of many innovative biotechnological products and as carriers of plant protection chemicals and growth regulators. The seed sector development in Africa varies considerably among countries. Rather effective and diversified seed industries have slowly emerged and are operational in a few countries (e.g. Egypt, Kenya, Zimbabwe). In a growing number of other countries (e.g. Malawi, Zambia) the seed production and supply system has developed reasonably well in some areas for some crops. However, in most countries (e.g. Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda) progress has been very limited in spite of investments and assistance. During the last decade a number of countries have undergone privatization and/or seed market liberalization as potential solutions to under-performance in the seed sector. However, it is not certain that this will produce a practical improvement and solve the problems of the poor rural majority of the population. In this paper, the main problems related to the seed sector in Africa are discussed together with the possible roles of the private and public sectors in developing and maintaining an efficient and active seed industry

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