Economics of wheat production in barani areas of Northern Punjab

Razzaq , A. and Hobbs, P.R. and Hashmi, N.I. (1993) Economics of wheat production in barani areas of Northern Punjab. Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research, 14 (4). pp. 251-254.

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Enterprise budgets for wheat production in the barani (rainfed) areas of Northern Punjab are calculated from the data collected during surveys conducted from 1983-1986. Production practices and inputs employed and yield levels obtained by the farmers were used in calculating the production costs and net returns. At a yield of 2.0 t/ha and an official price of Rs.2.00/kg net field returns of barani wheat were calculated at Rs.1144/ha. Land preparation, harvesting and threshing were the major costs of production. Costs of production for wheat in the barani areas were Rs.1800-2000/ha. Returns to capital and labour were good at the medium (1.5-2.5 t/ha) and high (>2.5 t/ha) yield levels but barely broke even at lower yield levels

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Author Affiliation: Wheat Programme, National Agricultural Research Centre, Islamabad, Pakistan
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