Chickpea wilt and its management – A review

Chand, H. and Khirbat, S.K. (2009) Chickpea wilt and its management – A review. Agricultural Reviews, 30 (1). pp. 1-12.

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Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L), wilt caused by Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. ciceri was first reported from India in 1918. Currently the disease is prevalent in several countries. The pathogen is highly variable in its cultural characteristics and pathogenicity. Yield losses vary between 10% to 100% depending on varietal susceptibility and agroclimatic conditions. When disease occurs at seedling stage, seedlings collapse and lie flat on soil surface. In case of adult plants, characteristic symptom is brown to black discolouration of xylem vessels. In susceptible plants hyphae are inter and intracellular in pith, xytem and cortex. The phytotoxin produced by the pathogen causes wilting and leaf burning. There exist a correlation between pathogen produced pectate lyase with pathogenicity and/or virulence. The fungus may be seed borne and may survive in soil. The disease is more severe in light sandy soil than heavy clay. High soil temperature and deficiency of moisture appear to have a definite bearing on its incidence. The amount of organic matter is inversely related to wilt incidence. The development of wilt is favoured by increase in nitrogen. The optimum temperature and pH for pathogen are 25°C and 5–6.5 respectively. Delay in sowing helps in minimizing disease. Mixed cropping of chickpea with wheat and berseem gives measurable disease control. Seed treatment with Benlate T (0.15%) destroys seed borne inoculum completely. Biocontrol agents such as Trichoderma spp., Glomus spp. and fluorescent Pseudomonas give measurable reduction in disease. Use of resistant varieties, which are available, is best mean of disease control.

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