Hydrogen isotope discrimination in higher plants: Correlations with photosynthetic pathway and environment

Ziegler, H. and Osmond, C.B. and Stchler, W. and Trimborn, P (1976) Hydrogen isotope discrimination in higher plants: Correlations with photosynthetic pathway and environment. Planta, 128 (1). pp. 85-92.

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Abstract The ratio of deuterium to hydrogen (expressed as D) in hydrogen released as water during the combustion of dried plant material was examined. The D value (metabolic hydrogen) determined on plant materials grown under controlled conditions is correlated with pathways of photosynthetic carbon metabolism. C3 plants show mean D values of-132 for shoots and -117 for roots; C4 plants show mean D values of -91 for shoots and-77 for roots and CAM plants a D value of-75 for roots and shoots. The difference between the D value of shoot material from C3 and C4 plants was confirmed in species growing under a range of glasshouse conditions. This difference in D value between C3 and C4 species does not appear to be due to differences in the D value (tissue water) in the plants as a result of physical fractionation of hydrogen isotopes during transpiration. In C3 and C4 plants the hydrogen isotope discrimination is in the same direction as the carbon isotope discrimination and factors contributing to the difference in D values are discussed. In CAM plants grown in the laboratory or collected from the field D values range from-75 to +50 and are correlated with 13C values. When deprived of water, the D value (metabolic hydrogen) in both soluble and insoluble material in leaves of Kalanchoe daigremontiana Hamet et Perr., becomes less negative. These changes may reflect the deuterium enrichment of tissue water during transpiration, or in field conditions, may reflect the different D value of available water in areas of increasing aridity. Whatever the origin of the variable D value in CAM plants, this parameter may be a useful index of the water relations of these plants under natural conditions.

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Plant Production
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