Effect of water deficit on carbon dioxide exchange and leaf elongation rate of panicum maximum Var. trichoglume

Ludlow, M.M. and Ng , T.T. (1976) Effect of water deficit on carbon dioxide exchange and leaf elongation rate of panicum maximum Var. trichoglume. Australian Journal of Plant Physiology, 3 (3). pp. 401-413.

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The responses of carbon dioxide exchange and leaf elongation of potted P. maximum var. trichoglume plants to water deficits were investigated in controlled environments and outdoors during drying cycles down to -92 bars leaf water potential, The sensitivities of net photosynthesis and leaf elongation to water deficits were similar. The leaf water potentials at which net photosynthesis and elongation ceased (c. -12 bars), and stomatal resistance increased substantially (- 6 bars), were relatively unaffected by nitrogen supply, environmental conditions during growth, and whether plants had previously experienced stress. However, these factors influenced the rate of net photosynthesis, at high leaf water potentials by affecting stomatal resistance and at moderate water potentials by affecting both stomatal and intracellular resistances. Stomata1 resistance was more sensitive than intracellular resistance to water deficits. Dark respiration rate decreased with leaf water potential, and was higher in plants receiving additional nitrogen. At moderate leaf water potentials (-7 to -9 bars), net photosynthesis of this C4 grass exhibited light saturation and rates similar to C3 plants. We suggest that the difference in behaviour of controlled-environment-grown and field-grown plants to water deficits observed with some species is unlikely to be due to differences in the aerial environment, but may result from differences in the rate at which stress develops. The ecological significance and evolution of the C4 syndrome are discussed briefly

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