Synthesis of complex interchange stocks in pearl millet

Tyagi, B.R. (1976) Synthesis of complex interchange stocks in pearl millet. Nucleus, 19 (1). pp. 58-63.

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Five single interchange stocks (T1-7, T1-3, T2-4, T5-4 and T5-6) developed in an inbred line Pennisetum typhoides 'I-55' were used to synthesize complex interchange stocks involving various chromosome numbers by the joint use of intercrossing and recurrent irradiation. To combine the parental interchanges in the new stocks, the intercross method was used to obtain interchange stocks involving a maximum of three pairs of chromosomes. Intercrossing of independent interchange stocks and irradiation of the intercrossed material resulted in the production of stocks which carried combinations of four pairs of chromosomes or more, in two multivalent combinations. The independent parental interchange stocks were combined together by an additional interchange involving chromosomes which the parental interchange stocks did not have in common. Out of a total of six larger interchange complex stocks synthesized, two were found to be complete interchange stocks (designated as T7-1-3-5-6-2-4 and T7-1-3-2-4-5-6) which when crossed with standard normal stocks produced hybrids involving all 14 chromosomes in an interchange ring.Varying degrees of fertility were exhibited by the different multiple interchange heterozygotes involving the same number of chromosomes. Interchange heterozygotes with a ring of 14 chromosomes were highly sterile indicating that they would not be amenable to Burnham's 'Oenothera' method [see PBA 17, 191] of gamete selection for isolating inbred lines in P. typhoides. Other complexes, for example stocks homozygous for 1 decavalent + 1 quadrivalent and 1 octavalent + 1 quadrivalent + 1 bivalent, which had some fertility, are being evaluated for gamete selection

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Author Affiliation: Department of Genetics & Plant Breeding, Banaras Hindu Univ., Varanasi, India.
Subjects: Crop Improvement
Divisions: Millet
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