Racial evolution in Eleusine coracana ssp. coracana (finger millet

Hilu, K.W. and Wet, J.M.J.de (1976) Racial evolution in Eleusine coracana ssp. coracana (finger millet. American Journal of Botany, 63 (10). pp. 1311-1318.

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The study was based on 150 collections of domesticated E. coracana from diverse localities in Africa and India. Considerable variation in vegetative, floral and seed morphology was observed. Three ecogeographical races were identified: (1) an African highland race which is cultivated in the East African highlands, (2) a lowland race which is grown in the lowlands of Africa and south India and (3) an Indian race with its centre of distribution in north-east India. In addition to these basic races, an Indian highland type was identified. The African highland race is the most primitive and is the progenitor of the lowland race. The latter race was subsequently introduced to southern India where a secondary centre of diversity became established. The Indian race originated from the lowland race, while the north Indian highland type could be derived from either or both of the two basic races in India. The study indicated that natural selection has played a major role in the evolution of the crop

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