Stability analysis and genotype x environment interactions for forage sorghum hybrids (sorghum bicolor, l. monech).

Ghazy, M.M.F. and Shahwan , S.M. and Rajab, M.N. (2012) Stability analysis and genotype x environment interactions for forage sorghum hybrids (sorghum bicolor, l. monech). Journal of Agricultural Research-Kafrelsheikh University, 38 (1). pp. 142-153.

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Stability analysis helps in understanding the genotypes adaptability over different environmental conditions and identification of adaptable genotypes. Therefore, eight F1 hybrids of forage sorghum and the check hybrid were evaluated for three locations (Sakha, Gimmiza and Sids) in two years of 2010 and 2011 for yield and its components. The genotype x environment interactions were significant for the studied traits .It also noticed that variation due to genotype x environment interactions were further partitioned into linear and non- linear components. Genotype x environment linear was insignificant for all the studied traits. Insignificant genotypes x environment linear indicated that the different genotypes didn’t differ genetically in their response to different environments. Pooled deviation mean squares were significant for all the studied traits and this indicated that the major components for differences in stability were due to deviation from the liner function. Therefore, it could be concluded that the relatively unpredictable components of the interaction may be more important than the predictable components. The results illustrated that the F1 hybrids No. 7 and 8 were stable for total fresh and dry forage yield ((x¯ = high, b=1 and S2d= 0)., On the other hand, the F1 hybrids No. 1 and 2 were the unstable for total dry forage yield, .The cluster analysis appeared differences among all genotypes under study and these results were very important for the plant breeder in classification of sorghum genotypes.

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