Allelopathic effects of Datura innoxia Mill.

Hussain, F. and Mubarak, B. and Imtiaz-ul, H. and Naqvi , H.H. (1979) Allelopathic effects of Datura innoxia Mill. Pakistan Journal of Botany, 11 (2). pp. 141-153.

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Datura innoxia was grown in mixed cultures with herbaceous spp. including Pennisetum americanum and Setaria italica in pot and field trials. D. innoxia reduced the ht. and dry wt. of all test spp. in mixed cultures. The 2 grasses also inhibited the growth of D. innoxia in mixtures. Aqueous extracts from D. innoxia had the same inhibitory effect. Seed germination of P. americanum was inhibited by D. innoxia leachates but that of S. italica was not. In field trials, volatiles from intact shoots of D. innoxia inhibited germination of P. americanum and S. italica but not of Trifolium resupinatum. Radicle growth of all 3 spp. was inhibited by the volatiles. In laboratory tests, volatiles from detached shoots of D. innoxia inhibited germination of P. americanum only but inhibited radicle growth of Brassica campestris, S. italica and P. americanum. Germination in D. innoxia soil beds was inhibited in B. campestris only, but radicle growth was inhibited in B. campestris and S. italica.ADDITIONAL ABSTRACT:Relatively bare areas are frequently present under and around Datura innoxia Mill thickets, although several herbaceous species may grow well under other adjacent plants causing a shade equal to that of Datura. Field and laboratory experiments revealed that Datura significantly inhibited germination and growth of test species by root exudates, aqueous extracts from various parts, leachates and substances volatilizing from its shoot. Soil collected under and around Datura was inhibitory against the test species. The phytotoxicity depended upon the part assayed, its age, test species used and the physiological process involved. The presence of relatively bare areas under and around D. innoxia was due primarily to allelopathy

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Author Affiliation: Department of Botany, Peshawar Univversity, Peshawar, Pakistan
Subjects: Atmosperic Science > Climatology
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