Effect of N, P, K fertilizers and lime on yield of crops grown in lateritic uplands

Sarkar, A.K. (1976) Effect of N, P, K fertilizers and lime on yield of crops grown in lateritic uplands. Indian Agriculturist, 20 (3). pp. 169-175.

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Effects of N, P, K and Ca applied separately and in combinations on growth and yields of several crops grown in different yr during 1959-62 on upland lateritic soils (pH 5.1-5.7) in West Bengal are described. The 3-yr average fresh matter yields of Crotalaria juncea grown for green manuring were 1.97, 1.43, 4.75, 6.18 and 6.71 t/ha with Ca, N, P, P + Ca and N + P + Ca, resp., compared with 1.27 t without NPCa. Application of 40 kg N or 20 kg P2O5/ha or NP to rice in 1960 gave paddy yields of 0.98, 0.8 and 1.79 t/ha, resp., compared with 0.68 t without NP. Grain yields of 0.28 t/ha without Ca and 0.43 t with Ca in Paspalum scrobiculatum given no NP were increased to 0.96 and 1.12 t, resp., with NP. Seed yields of 363 kg/ha without Ca and 497 kg with Ca in Hibiscus cannabinus given no NP were increased to 645 and 664 kg, resp., with NP; fibre yields of 517 kg/ha without NPK were increased to 1.06 t with 18 kg N + 36 kg P2O5 + 27 kg K2O/ha. Seed yields of 42 kg/ha without Ca and 49 kg with Ca in Dolichos biflorus [Macrotyloma uniflorum] given no NP were increased to 89 and 88 kg, resp., with N, 556 and 897 kg with P and 1.05 and 1.43 t with N + P. Seed yields of 19 kg/ha without Ca and 36 kg with Ca in niger [Guizotia abyssinica] given no NPK were increased to 150 and 466 kg, resp., with NPK

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