External morphology of the mouthparts of larvae of sorghum midge, Contarinia sorghicola

Petralia, R.S. and Wuensche, A.L. and Teetes, G.L. and Sorensen, A.A. (1979) External morphology of the mouthparts of larvae of sorghum midge, Contarinia sorghicola. Annals of the Entomological Society of America, 72 (6). pp. 850-855.

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Scanning electron microscopy was used to study the minute mouthparts of early and late larval instars of Contarinia sorghicola (Coq.). Larvae of this species possess a prominent labro-clypeal plate bearing transverse folds which apparently mark the juncture of a flattened clypeus with a falcate, tapering labrum. The dorsal half of each mandible is decurved; ventrally, the mandible terminates as a crescent-shaped structure bearing a single well-defined tooth at each end of the curve. Large, elongate maxillae overlay most of the mandibles and bear 3 one-segmented papillae and a basal protuberance on their external surface. The labium tapers from a deltoid base to a lobulate apex resembling a ligula. The first illustrations of each of these structures are given, and the homology of the mouthparts is discussed. Evidence that the larvae feed by ingesting plant juices is presented, and the possible arrangement of mouthparts to accomplish such feeding is suggested

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Author Affiliation: Department of Entomology, Texas A & M University, College Station, TX 77843, USA
Subjects: Plant Protection
Divisions: Sorghum
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