Preplant atrazine applications on sorghum

Wicks, G.A. and Burnside, O.C. (1972) Preplant atrazine applications on sorghum. Weed Science, 20 (1). pp. 49-52.

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In field trials in 1967-8, sorghum cv. Nebraska 505 was sown with or without cultivation, sown on the surface or with drill units equipped to open furrows 2.5-5 cm deep and 2.24 kg atrazine/ha was applied pre-sowing on 15 Apr., 30 Apr. or 15 May or pre-emergence on 17 May, or plots were handweeded left unweeded or cultivated. Cultivation of the unweeded plots increased yields from 0.94 to 1.87 t grain/ha and for all treatments the average grain yield without cultivation was 2.25 t/ha, which was increased to 2.79 t/ha by cultivation. Cultivation increased the effectiveness of atrazine, but the highest average yield of 3.24 t/ha was given by hand weeding. Atrazine treatment did not control weeds adequately, or damaged the sorghum. In some cases, decreasing sorghum stands increased the number of ears/plant and the size of the ears. Sorghum plant populations were higher where furrow opening was used at sowing, than with surface sowing.ADDITIONAL ABSTRACT:In trials at Lincoln and North Platte, Nebraska during 1967-68 soil-incorporated, pre-sowing treatments with atrazine at 2.24 kg/ha on 15th April, 30 April and 15th May gave inadequate control of grass weeds and resulted in lower sorghum grain yields than a pre-em. application on 17th May. At North Platte in both years the sorghum stand was reduced following the treatment on 30th April but grain yields were not significantly affected as the remaining plants produced more and larger heads/plant. Sorghum stand and yield were improved when the crop was sown with a planter unit equipped with furrow openers which removed 2.5 to 5 cm of surface soil and weed yields were lower compared to plots where sorghum was sown without removing the surface soil. Atrazine + one cultivation improved weed control and increased grain yields but yields were still below those on the hand-weeded plots

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Author Affiliation: North Platte Station, Nebraska University, USA
Subjects: Crop Improvement
Divisions: Sorghum
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