Allelic relationship among genes imparting resistance to 'KPR' race of Phytophthora drechsleri in pigeonpea

Singh, I.P. and Chaudhary, R.G. (2009) Allelic relationship among genes imparting resistance to 'KPR' race of Phytophthora drechsleri in pigeonpea. Journal of Food Legumes, 22 (1). pp. 53-55.

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A study was undertaken to elucidate the allelic relationship among genes responsible for resistance to the 'KPR' race of P. drechsleri in resistant pigeon pea donors, which were used for inheritance studies. The resistant ('KPBR 80-2-1', 'KPBR 80-2-2', 'Hy 3C' and 'BDN 1') as well as the susceptible ('Bahar' and 'PDA 10') parents showed similar disease reaction in both years (2002-03). In the six F1 of the crosses between resistant parents, a resistant reaction was observed. The F1 of a cross between susceptible parents showed a susceptible reaction. All the individuals resulted from the crosses between susceptible parents showed susceptible reaction in F2, BC1 and BC2 generations. It may be concluded that the genes (pdr1pdr1pdr2pdr2) responsible for resistance in 'KPBR 80-2-1' and 'KPBR 80-2-2' and the genes (pdrpdr) giving resistance in 'Hy 3C' and 'BDN 1' are possessing the same effect and allelic to each other. The resistant parents 'KBPR 80-2-1' and 'KBPR 80-2-2' appeared to differ in respect of the 2 gene pairs while the resistant parents 'Hy 3C' and 'BDN 1' differed in respect of a single gene pair with the susceptible parents. Although the genes present in all the 4 resistant parents are allelic to each other and possess same effect, it may be concluded and suggested that the durability of resistance will be higher if the genes for resistance are transferred from 'KBPR 80-2-1' and 'KBPR 80-2-2' (possessing 2 recessive genes) compared to those of 'Hy 3C' and 'BDN 1' (one recessive gene) because a single gene resistance is known to be more vulnerable to the appearance of new virulent alleles and, therefore, durable resistance will most likely be better achieved with a multiple genic or multigenic system.

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