Apomictic interspecific hybrids between pearl millet and Pennisetum orientale L. C. Rich

Hanna, W.W. and Dujardin, M. (1982) Apomictic interspecific hybrids between pearl millet and Pennisetum orientale L. C. Rich. Crop Science, 22 (4). pp. 857-859.

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Five interspecific hybrids (2n = 25) with seven large P. americanum (A) and 18 small P. orientale (O) chromosomes were produced by pollinating dwarf, cytoplasmically male-sterile P. americanum 'Tift 23DA' with pollen from P. orientale line PI2171601 (4x = 36). Cytogenetic studies showed that the O chromosomes paired mainly as bivalents and the A chromosomes remained as univalents; few AO chromosome associations were found. Among three hybrids examined, one was a facultative apomict, one was an obligate apomict and one was highly apomictic with 3% of ovules having sexual embryo sacs. The hybrids were male sterile, but set 0.4-1.3% seed. All but one of the hybrids were vigorous. They resembled P. orientale in several morphological characters and in their immunity against Puccinia substriata var. indica and Pyricularia grisea. Sixteen backcross progenies were established from interspecific hybrids pollinated with P. americanum; seven were 2n = 23 (14 A + 9 O), five were 2n = 27 (7 A + 20 O) and four were 2n = 32 (14 A + 18 O)

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