Water potential characteristics and yield of summer maize in different planting patterns1

Quanqi, L. and Yuhai, C. and Mengyu, L. and Xunbo, Z. and Baodi, D. and Songlie, Y. (2008) Water potential characteristics and yield of summer maize in different planting patterns1. Plant Soil and Environment, 54 (1). pp. 14-19.

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A study was conducted in the Shandong province in North China to investigate the effectsofdifferentplantingpatterns on water potential characteristics of soil-plant-atmosphere continuum (SPAC) and yield of summer maize. Threeplantingpatternswereapplied,i.e.bedplanting(BE),furrowplanting(FU)andflatplanting(FL).Theresultsshowed that although soil moisture content in 0–20 cm soil layer in BE was decreased, soil temperature was increased; as a result, soil water potential in BE was increased. Compared with FL, leaf water potential in BE and FU was enhanced, but water transfer resistance between soil-leaf and leaf-atmosphere was decreased; feasible water supply conditions were thus created for crops colony. Maize yield of BE and FU was significantly(LSD,P < 0.05) higher than that of FL, by 1326.45 and 1243.76 kg/ha, respectively. Theseresultsobtainedinfieldcropconditionssupportthe idea that planting patterns affectsoilwaterpotential,leafwaterpotential,watertransferresistancebetweensoil- leaf and leaf-gas of summer maize in North China

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