Progress toward novel cereal grains

Bates, L.S. and Campos, V.A. and Rodriguez, R.R. and Anderson, R.G. (1974) Progress toward novel cereal grains. Cereal Science Today, 19 (7). pp. 283-286.

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Chemical reversal of stereospecific-inhibition reactions is discussed in relation to the production of intergeneric cereal hybrids. The animal-effective immunosuppressants epsilon -aminocaproic acid (EACA), chloroamphenicol, acriflavin, salicylic acid and gentisic acid were injected daily into the leaf enclosing the spike in female parents, starting before egg-cell meiosis and ending at emasculation. Florets were pollinated in vivo or in vitro with untreated pollen and after 20 days any developing embryos were excised and transferred to a growth medium. Selected tillers from the developing seedlings, grown under greenhouse conditions, were treated with colchicine to obtain fertile seed. Embryos were recovered by this method from the crosses durum wheat X barley, bread wheat X barley, einkorn wheat X rye, barley X rye, barley X triticale barley X oats, maize X sorghum, wheat X rye, and triticale backcrossed to wheat and to rye, EACA being the most effective immunosuppressant used. Of more than 200 embryos recovered, 38 F1 plants survived and set seed. This F2 generation is represented by plants from the crosses barley X rye, durum wheat X barley and bread wheat X barley. In barley X rye hybrids the expected 14-chromosome complement (7 from each parent) occurred and both barley and rye characteristics were found in F1 and F2 plants, maternal barley characteristics predominating. No durum or bread wheat X barley hybrid had the expected somatic chromosome number of 42 or 56 respectively, but had numbers ranging 18 - 21 for durum wheat X barley hybrids and 21 - 36 for bread wheat X barley. Characteristics of both parents were present in each cross, maternal ones predominating

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