Identification of Ascochyta rabiei disease resistance in chickpea genotypes

Du, W. and Zhao, W. and Raju, T. and Davies, P. and Trethowan, R. (2012) Identification of Ascochyta rabiei disease resistance in chickpea genotypes. Euphytica , 186 (3). 697-704 .

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Ascochyta blight (AB) disease, caused by the fungus Ascochyta rabiei, is a major yield limiting factor of chickpea in Australia and around the world. The aggressiveness of six A. rabiei isolates was identified using 3 chickpea varieties (Jimbour, Flipper and Yorker). These AB isolates were isolated from chickpea fields in northern NSW, one of the major chickpea production regions in Australia. Each of the six isolates produced a different aggressiveness pattern and isolate 4859 was found to be the most aggressive. The AB resistance in 16 international and Australian chickpea genotypes was then investigated by inoculating the plants with the most aggressive isolate and a mixture of the other 5 isolates. Resistance to both the most aggressive isolate and the mixed isolates has been identified in 5 genotypes (ICCV 98813, Flipper, ICCV 05111, ICCV 98801, Jimbour #1) while 10 entries (Howzat, ICCV 06108 and ICCV 98818, Jimbour, ICCV 96852, ICCV 06107, ICCV 98816, Yorker, FLIP97-114C, ICCV 96853) were moderately resistant. Only one genotype (Bumper) appeared to be susceptible to both inoculums. There was large variation observed in the pathogenicity of the isolates suggesting that the six AB isolates represent several different pathogen strains. Significant differences in leaf infection rate, plant infection rate, plant death rate and disease development were identified among the chickpea genotypes tested. These findings suggest that these chickpea genotypes carry different resistant genes, which can be exploited in breeding programmes to develop high levels of disease resistance.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Ascochyta blight – Chickpea – Disease resistance – Pathogen – Plant breeding
Author Affiliation: Gansu Agricultural University, Lanzhou, Key Laboratory of Grassland Ecosystem (Gansu Agricultural University), Ministry of Education, Lanzhou, University of Sydney, Cobbitty Road, Camden
Subjects: Crop Improvement
Divisions: Chickpea
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