How to make a solar Cabinet Dryer for agricultural produce

., . (1973) How to make a solar Cabinet Dryer for agricultural produce. Other. Brace Research Institute.

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The solar drying of agricultural produce is extensively practised in most parts of the world. It has found special significance among the rural Dopu Sations living in Mediterrane Tan type climates. These areas are characterized by dry warm summers which make drying particularly attractive for the preservation of agricultural supluses for the winter season. Traditional natural sun drying techniques take advantages of the clear, warm, often rainless summer days. Material is laid directly on the ground or upon smooth surfaces, such as rooftops, and turned manually until dry...

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Author Affiliation: Brace Research Institute, MacDonald College, McGill University State, Anne de Bellevue 800 Quebec, Canada
Subjects: Agricultural Engineering > Mechanization
Divisions: General
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