Influence of culture on technology grain sorghum (sorghum b.var. Eurosorghum) in the experimental field from răcăşdia

Munteanu, L. and Tabara, V. (2012) Influence of culture on technology grain sorghum (sorghum b.var. Eurosorghum) in the experimental field from răcăşdia. Research Journal of Agricultural Science, 44 (1). pp. 109-11.

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History shows that cereals have always maintained their significance, along the development of human society and to this day. In addition, however, one can see a close link between grain production and progress of civilization. Sorghum is a very old culture, known in India for over 2000 years, cultivated for: beans, brooms, rich in sugar syrup, animal feed or fodder crop as green. Climate Change to heating and unproductive during 2001-2050 in the Balkans, which is located and Romania, requires a reconsideration of sorghum as: cereal food (beans composite flour used in the formula for baking gluten and gluten-free, fresh juice, extracted of strains used in the manufacture of syrup, vinegar and other food), fodder (as green mass, hay storage, feed pellets) and crops (sorghum and sorghum mature mellitus for the production of raw materials for energy (liquid, solid, gas, electricity, heat), chemical (stationery and textile pulp, plastics), building materials and craft industry (of household and industrial brushes, brooms, blended. Sorghum is the second cereal after maize commercially exploiting the heterosis effect in the agricultural farm, which increased the average production per hectare. is the first grain sorghum that has been fully sequenced genome (2006), which will give rhythms in November progress in improving the species in the coming years. sorghum grains used directly in the form of flour feeding people in some parts of Africa, India, China, Middle East and Egypt. In industry is used in the manufacture of starch, alcohol and beer, mixed with grains of barley. The sweet sorghum juice is extracted a sweet, rich and varied sucrose vegetable substances energy use. In many parts of the world sorghum was traditionally used in various foods such as porridge , unleavened bread, cookies, cakes, couscous and various soft drinks and alcoholic. Sorghum has unique properties that make it very suitable for food use. Some varieties of...

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