Effect of nitrogen source on growth and mineral uptake in plants under constant pH and conventional culture conditions

Moritsugu, M. and Suzuki, T. and Kawasaki, T. (1983) Effect of nitrogen source on growth and mineral uptake in plants under constant pH and conventional culture conditions. Berichte des Ohara Instituts fur Landwirtschaftliche Biologie, Okayama Universitat, 18 (3). pp. 125-144.

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Thirteen plant species were grown in constant-pH cultures or under conventional culture (without pH regulation); different nitrogen sources were provided. The following three groups were distinguishable: (a) plants with high resistance to both ammonium and hydrogen ions (e.g. rice); (b) plants with high resistance to ammonium ions and low resistance to hydrogen ions (e.g. barley, corn, sorgum, bean, cucumber, lettuce, and carrot); (c) plants with low resistance to ammonium and hydrogen ions (e.g. tomato, cabbage, chinese cabbage, spinach, and radish). Ammonium ions tended to depress cation uptake, while nitrate ions tended to depress phosphate uptake, even in the constant-pH cultures. However, the difference in mineral contents between ammonium-fed and nitrate-fed plants was reduced in the constant pH cultures. A decrease in cation uptake did not appear to be the direct cause of low ammonium resistance in plants, because the growth of ammonium-fed plants belonging to group (c) was not accelerated even in constant-pH cultures where the cation contents of ammonium-fed plants were increased considerably. Manganese uptake was slightly inhibited by ammonium ions in the constant pH culture. Zinc uptake was inhibited, but to a lesser degree, and sometimes it was even stimulated

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