Life table and biotic potential of Helicoverpa armigera (hübner) on chick pea Pods

Singh, S.K. and Yadav, D.K. (2009) Life table and biotic potential of Helicoverpa armigera (hübner) on chick pea Pods. Annals of plant Protection Science, 17 (1). pp. 90-93.

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Investigation on life fecundity tables and age specific distribution revealed that the expectancy of newly laid eggs was 332.43. The survival of immature stages was 0.39. The main length of generation was 42.62 days. The intrinsic rate of natural increase in number (rm) was 0.136 females/ female days. The number that survived from egg to adults was 78 individuals. Under sufficient food supply, the population of H.armigera increased with and infinitesimal rate (rm) of 0.135 and finite rate (λ) 1.1459 females/female/days. A generation was completed in 42.62 days. The population was able to multiply 332.43 times/generation on chick pea pods. The population on reaching a stable age distribution comprised approximately 99 % of immature stage. The expectation of further life at the age interval of 34 to 49 days was reduced to 4.85 days from 14.78 days in beginning. Age distribution of this pest on chick pea manifested that eggs and larvae contributed the highest to the population of stable age, where as the contribution of pupa and adult was negligible.

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