Protein quality of selected lines of Sorghum Vulgare for the growing rat

Nawar, I.A. and Clark, H.E. and Pickett, R.C. and Hegsted, D.M. (1970) Protein quality of selected lines of Sorghum Vulgare for the growing rat. Nutrition Reports International, 1 (1). pp. 75-81.

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The protein quality of 17 lines of grain sorghum from the World Sorghum Collection was evaluated in two experiments with 10 samples in each. In the first experiment diets, in which sorghum was the principal component, were given to groups of 6 male rats of 50 to 55 g; the sorghums supplied 9 to 10% protein and control groups were given diets containing 10 and 20% casein. The rats were killed after 21 days. Carcass N was calculated from body water measurements and livers were analysed for N and fat. Daily weight gains were 1.9 g for 2 sorghum lines, 1.1 to 0 7 g for 6 lines, 0.5 and 0.3 for 2 lines and 3.5 and 5.7 g, respectively, for the 10 and 20% casein diets. Storage of body N was in line with the weight gains; liver N and fat, in general, varied inversely. The sorghums had apparent digestibilities of 49 to 77% compared with 87% for casein. Amino acid analysis showed wide variations between samples in lysine and S-amino acid concentrations. Lysine was the first limiting acid followed by the S-amino acids and threonine. Supplements of those acids or of dried skimmed milk gave improved growth and N deposition with 3 of the sorghum samples. In the second experiment, with lactalbumin as standard, the relative nutritive value of 10 sorghum samples was studied in a slope-ratio assay. A mean value of 30% and range 21 to 39% relative to lactalbumin was found. It is pointed out that protein quality should be considered as well as other characteristics in the selection and breeding of grain sorghums.-K. M. H.

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