Bayesian QTL mapping for recombinant inbred lines derived from a four-way cross

Hayashi, T. and Ohyama, A. and Iwata, H. (2012) Bayesian QTL mapping for recombinant inbred lines derived from a four-way cross. Euphytica, 183 (2). pp. 277-287.

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Recombinant inbred lines (RILs) are created by a cross between inbred lines followed by repeated selfing or sib-mating, which include many different types of new inbred lines with many recombination events on the genome. The phenotype of each RIL can be assessed based on multiple individuals within the same line to reduce non-genetic variability. Therefore, RILs are useful tools for QTL mapping allowing effective detection and fine localization of QTL. Usually only two inbred lines are involved to create RILs. In such two-way RILs, however, there are at most two different alleles at QTL and only QTL segregating between two parental lines can be detected. Recently a new crossing design using multiple founders for creating RILs was proposed in Arabidopsis thaliana and mice, where the genome of each RIL is a mosaic of the genomes from multiple parents. Such multi-way RILs are more useful to improve the efficiency in QTL detection than two-way RILs because of the increased chance of QTL segregation among multiple lines, leading to the successful detection of many QTL. In this paper, we propose a Bayesian method for mapping multiple QTL simultaneously in four-way RILs allowing the inference about the equivalence relationship among the four possible alleles descended from the four founder lines as well as the estimation of QTL locations and effects via a MCMC algorithm. Simulation experiments show that our method has the practical ability to detect QTL and to provide the information of equivalence relationship among alleles at detected QTL using four-way RILs.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Bayesian estimation, Four-way RILs, MCMC algorithm, QTL mapping
Author Affiliation: Data Mining and Grid Research Team, National Agricultural Research Center, Kannondai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8666, Japan
Subjects: Crop Improvement > Genetics/Genomics
Divisions: General
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