RURAL DEVELOPMENT: The Interplay of Analysis and Action

Siffin, W. J. and Johnson, G. and Gittinger, J. P. and et al, . (1975) RURAL DEVELOPMENT: The Interplay of Analysis and Action. PASITAM Design Studies . International Development Research Center, Bloomington.

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We are all familiar with ambitious titles, titles that promise much and then take most of it away in small-print subtitles. A classic, if perhaps apocryphal, example is The ModernizingImpact of Technology Upon TraditionalCulture, followed by the subtitle, A Case Study of Two Villages in the TrobriandIslands. The title of this brief report verges on heroic pretense. It is saved by the awareness of every informed reader: not even a document ten times as large as this could deal sufficiently with the subject of our title. This publication is both exploratory and experimental. It explores certain themes and concerns that lie along the edges of more conventional statements about aspects of rural development. Some Of those statements lay out elaborate techniques of analysis. Others present comprehensive "maps" of the field. In addition, there arc cases with lessons and arguments for one or another strategy of rural development.

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