Lipogenesis from acetate-1-14C in liver of rats fed millet (Sorghum vulgare) at different protein levels

Misra, R. and Misra, U.K. and Venkitasubramanian, T.A. (1974) Lipogenesis from acetate-1-14C in liver of rats fed millet (Sorghum vulgare) at different protein levels. Nutrition Reports International, 9 (6). pp. 441-452.

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Male Wistar rats of 90 to 100 g were fed to appetite on defatted millet flour diets containing 5, 10 or 14.5% protein, or on a 10% casein control diet, for 6 weeks. Rats in each group were then given intraperitoneally a saline solution of acetate-1-14C at 10 mu Ci/100 g bodyweight and killed 3 h later.Liver weights of the 5 and 10% protein groups were significantly greater than those of the control group. Significant increases in total liver lipids, glycerides and fatty acids were found in rats given millet. Liver total cholesterol was significantly more in rats given 10% millet protein than in controls. Esterified cholesterol was significantly less in the 5% but more in the 10% protein groups than in controls whereas free cholesterol was not significantly affected. The 5% and 10% protein groups had more hepatic phospholipid than controls. Millet-fed rats incorporated most acetate-1-14C into liver cholesterol and fatty acids. The incorporation of radioactivity into fatty acids was greatest in the 5% group. The incorporation of acetate into free cholesterol in the 14.5% group and into esterified cholesterol in the 10% and 14.5% protein groups were significantly less than in controls. Total acetate incorporation was similar in millet-fed and control rats. Total incorporation of acetate-1-14C into hepatic triglycerides was significantly higher in millet-fed rats than in controls

Item Type: Article
Author Affiliation: Department of Radioisotopes and Biochemistry, Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute, University of Delhi, Delhi 110007, India
Subjects: Animal Husbandary
Divisions: Sorghum
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