Studies Concerning the Integrated Use of Sweet Sorghum for Bioethanol Production in Romania

Ceclan, R.E. and Pop, A. and Ceclan, M. (2012) Studies Concerning the Integrated Use of Sweet Sorghum for Bioethanol Production in Romania. Chemical Engineering Transactions, 29. pp. 877-882.

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Biomass can be considered as a strategic resource because it is not only renewable, but also available everywhere. It can provide products of vital interest to sectors of strong external dependence (i.e. transportation fuel, electricity, chemicals etc.), and also may raise benefits for the environment and for socio-economic development, particularly in rural areas. Fuels derived from biomass are renewable and are sufficiently similar to fossil fuels to provide direct replacement. The primary ways of converting biomass into biofuels/energy are combustion, gasification, liquefaction, and biochemical processes. Biochemical processes convert biomass to liquid fuel (bioethanol, biodiesel) through a fermentation process. One of the most tempting energy crops is the sweet sorghum, which can be grown in different climatic conditions, has been identified as the first promising crop having the potential to provide a wide spectrum of energy and industrial commodities that can match local market situations. Sweet sorghum produces a very high yield in terms of grains, sugar, lignocellulosic biomass (on average a total of 30 dry t/ha per year) in low-quality soils, with much lower inputs of fertilizers and irrigation water than other crops (200 t water/dry t of crop, representing half of the water amount required by sugar beet and a third of the requirement for sugar cane or corn). The total yield of bioethanol can reach 5 m3/ha per year. Plantations need less seed than for other crops: 15 kg/ha compared with 40 kg/ha for corn or 150 kg/ha for wheat.....

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Statistics and Experimentation
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