Mechanization of small-scale peasant farming

Hemmi, K. and Atsumi, K. (1981) Mechanization of small-scale peasant farming. Other. Agricultural Development Council, Sapporo, Japan.

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The paper reports on a seminar held in Sapporo, Japan, July 7-10 1980. The seminar's main goals were to explore resources and constraints faced by the rural poor, the ways mechanization might release some of these constraints, and government policy initiatives required to improve rural living standards. Japan was chosen because of its own relevant experience, and so that Japanese professionals could learn from the more recent experience of other Asian countries. Following a field trip and six papers on Japan's experience, seven participants summarized the situation and needs elsewhere in Asia, and an IRRI representative discussed external issues. Among issues arising in discussion were: problems of adapting to different local conditions, energy saving, livestock mechanization, economic and social implications, labour displacements, choice among types and strategies of mechanization, and the need for international and interdisciplinary exchange of information. The urgency of increasing land productivity permeated every discussion. Transfer of the Japanese experience was thought both feasible and desirable

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