Response of advanced lines of chickpea against chickpea blight disease

Ghazanfar, M.U. and Sahi, Shahbaz Talib and Javed, Nazir and Wakil, Waqas (2010) Response of advanced lines of chickpea against chickpea blight disease. Pakistan Journal of Botany, 42 (5). pp. 3423-3430.

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In order to have resistance material 277 advanced lines of chickpea received from various research organizations were screened during the rabi season 2005-06 for the source of resistance against chickpea blight disease by artificial inoculation of the germplasm with pycniosspore suspension of the pathogen. The screening revealed 02, 38, 39, 49 and 149 lines to be highly resistant (immune), resistant, moderately resistant, susceptible and highly susceptible. Out of 126 lines received from Pulses Research Institute, (PRI) Faisalabad, none of the lines responded highly resistant or resistant while 12 lines such as 06025, 06026, 06027, 06031, 06035, 06040, 06041, 06056, Vinhar, Bitter-98, Pb-2000 and Paidar-91 responded to be moderately resistant. Out of 83 lines received from Nuclear Institute of Agriculture and Biology, (NIAB) Faisalabad, 7 lines viz., 06223, 06224, 06270, 06271, 06272, 06277 and 06278 displayed resistant response while other 7 lines such as 06214, 06217, 06218, 06220, 06225, 06237, and 06279 exhibited moderately resistant response. Out of 36 advanced lines of National Agricultural Research Centre, (NARC) Islamabad, 13 lines (CMC-70T, CMC-55D, NCS-0510, CMC-59S, NCS-0516, NCS-0602, NCS-0612, NCS- 0613, NCS-0614, NCS-0616, NCS-0621, NCS-0623 and NCS-0526) responded to be resistant while 14 lines such as NCS-0518, NCS-0513, NCS-0512, NCS-0610, NCS-0603,CMC-186M, NCS-0617, NCS-0619, NCS-0620, NCS-0625, NCS-0527, NCS-0529, NCS-0531, and Pb-2000 responded to be moderately resistant. Out of 32 advanced lines received from International Crop Research Institute for the Semi Area Tropics, (ICRISAT) India, 2 lines such as EC-516792, ICCV- 98815 were found to be highly resistant (asymptomatic). Eighteen lines (EC-516709, EC-516729, EC-516771, EC-516793, EC-516878, EC-516895, EC-516934, EC-516957, EC-516967, EC- 516974, EC-517003, EC-517011, EC-517039, EC-517073, ICC-6304, ICC-6945, ICCV-04537 and ICCV-98818) exhibited moderately resistant response. Thus the germplasm of NARC, and that of ICRISAT, India, consisted of greater number of resistant lines as compared to that of NIAB, Faisalabad and PRI, Faisalabad.

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Author Affiliation: Department of Plant Pathology, Department of Agricultural Entomology University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan
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